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Pest Control Adviser is here to guide you through the best way to get rid of almost any bugs that you may encounter. Many times after it rains on a hot summer day; ants, roaches, spiders and other bugs start to make their way inside your home. Paying for a pest control company can financially place a burden on your family’s budget. You make your way to the hardware store to look for the right pesticide product to get rid of the bugs, and you are just not sure which product to buy. You end up buying the bottle that says “Kills on Contact”. You get home to spray  them and end up killing the bugs that you see, but then in a day or two you start to see them again, and think to yourself nothing seems to work.

This is where Pest Control Adviser comes in.

With, you will learn the best way to get rid of bugs with just a few easy steps. You will be able to get the right chemicals and know exactly how to eliminate those pests once and for all. I will provide you with the proper steps and give you access to the right place to buy your products, to kill your bug problem.

The cost of doing business.

Hiring a pest control technician can put a burden on some families costing them $300 to $400 or more every year. On top of the cost of paying hundreds of dollars for pest control, trying to find a company you can trust to get rid of your pest problems can also be a difficult process. With,  you will reduce the cost of pest control service and get the confidence of exterminating the bugs yourself. 

How I can help you.

With my knowledge, expertise and the chemicals you have access to pesticide chemicals on the Purchase Product Here page, this page will give you the correct  pesticide chemicals to get rid of you bug problems.  Register for free. You will be able to combat almost any pest problems in your home.

What I am NOT going to do is to beat around the bush or tell you to use some home remedies that almost never work. I’m going to get to the point and make sure you don’t have any more bug problems in your house. Sanitation and cleanliness is 50% of pest control, so I do recommend keeping things clean.

Knowing How to Find Your Products.

As you read the solutions to the pest problems, you will see the words in RED, and those are the products you will need from the Purchase Product Here page after you register for free   Lets Get started. Click on the pest problem(s) you have. If it’s not listed send me a message in comments below or send me a message at

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